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Trade Alert: Trimming some 70% gains in PI into the hype



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Amazon's getting in the grocery business, buying our one-time holding, Whole Foods, WFM. The nearly $14 billion is only 2% of Amazon's market cap. And the market has so much faith in Jeff Bezos at this point that Amazon went up 3% itself today, making the purchase practically free. Nothing quite like spending $14 billion and instantly creating another $15 billion in valuation for yourself.

The Amazon for Whole Food acquisition also has our RFID play, which might become a real Amazon/Whole Foods supplier, up nearly 15% today and we're now up 70%ish on our position established back in October (see Trade Alert: The tiniest but biggest revolution ever? and Trade Alert: Nibbling more of this new name).

I'd mentioned last week I was likely to trim some Impinj to lock in some profits and I'm going to go ahead and do so today into the hype. I'm trimming about 20% of my Impinj PI stock.

Rock on.

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