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Mobius Strip: Facebook, Nasdaq, Media Monitoring, Facebook...


There are no boundaries -- absolutely none -- among news, social media, or anything else, it seems.

MINYANVILLE ORIGINAL All eyes have been on Facebook (FB) and its imminent IPO. Notably, the world's largest social media site with 800 million users is set to launch on the Nasdaq (NDAQ), the world's largest exchange company with 3500 listed companies.

Interestingly, Nasdaq OMX, the "solutions" arm of the exchange, has a launch of its own: Today it announced the debut of Media Intelligence to provide real time blanket coverage across all media.

Utilizing an intuitive SaaS (software-as-a-service) platform not only "covers" media in the sense of press clippings or Google Alerts, but will also analyze the "tone" of each article (or whatever form the media takes) using Advanced Natural Language Processes. Additionally, it provides for "identification" and "engagement" with influential users through integrated displays of Klout and PeerIndex social metrics.

So, in theory at least, it monitors anything being put out digitally or otherwise, categorizes it (with either a negative or positive tone), and provides a way to identify as well as reach (influence, in their terms) the originator of the media item.

According to Demetrios Skalkotos, Senior Vice President, Nasdaq OMX Corporate Solutions, "[W]e recognize that news no longer knows traditional boundaries between social, online, broadcast, and print, and the convergence of traditional and social media has fueled the demand for an integrated, comprehensive analytics solution."

Taken to its logical conclusion, all the media "chatter" can be tied to the company's stock price. Also tied to the stock price would be all efforts to intervene in and influence the same media chatter, which includes, one would surmise, Facebook postings.

Comprehensive indeed.
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