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A Walk With iOS 6 Maps: Apple's Horribly Revamped App Does New York


What can Apple's problem child tell us about the world's most valuable company?

As I made my way down towards 14th St., though, I realized that this might be a long morning: According to the app, the nearby subway station had moved to the exact center of Union Square Park, which is a) ridiculous and b) about 40 yards off, but mostly a) ridiculous.

I scrolled up and around the area looking for other subway stations, and I found to my dismay that the app's formerly near-flawless knowledge of the New York City subway system was pretty much gone. There were a few stations here and there, but they either weren't labeled properly or were in the wrong place... or both.

Disheartened, I set off (on foot) towards the Flatiron Building, which started off okay. As I approached, though, I found myself in a predicament. Sure, the big triangular building at the corner of Broadway and Fifth Avenue looked like an old-fashioned flatiron, but iOS 6 Maps clearly stated that the building was located in two places at once: All the way across the square, and where it actually was.

"Where am I?" I thought. "And what is going on?"
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