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T3Live to Acquire Products Division of Minyanville Media, Inc.


Synergies to benefit traders and investors around the street

I wrote a column in May that shared my begrudging belief that the digital media model-or the model largely dependent on advertising revenue-was broken. That was a tough nut to swallow after 14 years, but the truth sometimes hurts. Or as my wise friend would say, "facts aren't insults."

The road hasn't always been smooth. It is one thing to opine that a model is broken and quite another to navigate what's left of it and attempt to extract the diamonds in the rough. The Minyanville team has been driven by the view that there is value in what we've built and a strategic fit to harness our core competencies.

The past summer was one of exploration. We had acquisition discussions with a large broker-dealer that got lost somewhere between the conference rooms and corner offices. We received a Letter of Intent from a publically traded company, but unrelated circumstances got in the way. There was the private equity offer to recapitalize the company and pay executives -- but only if the investor base was completely wiped out.

In the late summer, we revisited discussions with a partner we know quite well. We've worked with this team on various projects through the years-and they contribute excellent content-but the timing was never quite right to do "something big." We quickly discovered that by combining our capabilities, we could improve our offering, enhance the quality of our work and provide a better real-time user experience.

We are announcing today that T3Live -- the trading and investor training company -- has entered into an agreement to purchase the products division from Minyanville Media, Inc. As part of the deal, the Minyanville Buzz & Banter® -- as well as the editorial team behind it -- will join T3Live and operate from their Wall Street offices. The agreement also includes MV PRO, as well as the MVP suite of professional products.

This is a win on several levels. It will not only honor the agreements with our clients and customers, it will enhance the smart market commentary that Minyanville has been known for. Many of you know Scott Redler from the Buzz & Banter and those sorta set-ups and ideas will now be brought to the fore. And there's more, including top-notch options commentary and professional grade videos on a daily basis. 

The user experience will be much the same, albeit with a greater emphasis on premium content. The Buzz editors and sales operation will ensure a seamless transition as we integrate our content and communities. And yes, I will remain an active contributor on the Buzz & Banter as we traverse these historic times in the financial markets.

Minyanville Media, Inc. will retain our suite of domains as well as Minyanland (The Jr. Exchange) and the intellectual property outside of the products division, including Hoofy the Bull ® and Boo the Bear ®. And consistent with the best interest of our investors, the capital structure of Minyanville Media, Inc. will remain intact as we explore the "other side" of the pivot.

The folks at T3Live are dripping with integrity and I'm excited to work with them through the transition and beyond. As part of this announcement, we are offering a 25% discount on all annual subscriptions (applied on checkout), so click here to explore more.

Thank you for your continued support and we'll see YOU over on the Buzz.


T3 Live to Acquire Products Group from Minyanville Media, Inc.

September 30, 2014

T3 Live, a leading trading information and investor training company, has entered into a definitive agreement to purchase the products division of Minyanville Media, Inc.

The combined entity will domicile at the T3 Live global headquarters in downtown Manhattan.

"This alliance ties together the amazing minds of Minyanville with the active trading community at T3 Live.  Together, we will deliver stellar financial content through an array of real-time channels," said Evan Lazarus, CEO of T3 Live.

Minyanville's subscription products, including the Buzz & Banter®, will complement T3's Live Virtual Trading Floor ®, Top Gun Options service and real-time video programming to form a world-class financial products operation that helps traders, investors, broker dealers and other investment professionals.

"T3 has been a trusted partner for years.  They have extremely bright management and produce superior products.  By combining capabilities, our clients and customers will emerge as the winners," said Todd Harrison, Founder & CEO of Minyanville Media, Inc.

The deal is expected to close in the fourth quarter.  Terms were not disclosed.

T3 Live was founded by five traders to bridge the gap between professional and retail traders and investors.  In a complex financial marketplace that is often misunderstood and equally mistrusted, these traders developed a financial training firm for equity and options that is centered around transparency, experience, and practical application.  The T3 Live products and services are designed to teach, inform and train investors and traders from basic applications through professional in a "Live Learning" environment.  For more information, go to

Minyanville Media, Inc. is an Emmy Award winning media company that creates branded business content that informs, entertains and educates all generations about the worlds of business and finance. Minyanville provides a portfolio of content, video applications and subscription products geared toward the professional and active trading and investing audience.  Licensed by the world's largest financial institutions, Minyanville provides leading-edge solutions and content that generates ideas and builds community.   For more information, go to

Twitter: @todd_harrison

Follow Todd and over 30 professional traders as they share their ideas in real time with a FREE 14 day trial to Buzz & Banter.

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