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How One Billion Social Media Addicts Can Make Money While Still Wasting Time


This penny stock says the world's largest unpaid workforce can actually start getting paid.

MINYANVILLE ORIGINAL Facebook (FB) is expected to surpass one billion users soon, with LinkedIn, Twitter, and several other social media sites following somewhere behind. These sites employ armies of volunteer social media addicts to create a "network" in exchange for countless wasted hours (oh sure, and a few legitimate social interactions). Those addicts would be, yes, you and I. Of course, very few of us have even considered the possibility of getting paid to do what we otherwise do voluntarily.

Nevertheless, a few cunning users are discovering a tool that is taking the world of social media by storm: sponsorships.

If you are a social media addict (a title that can probably be claimed by the majority of us), this is good news. Anyone can post an ad to social media websites without using a connecting third party, but good luck learning how to do that on your own.

At least one company, Izea (IZEA.PK), is trying to bridge this divide with "monetization tools" for social media postings. In other words, you post, then you get paid. This emerging form of high-volume yet ultra-low-cost advertising is known as Social Media Sponsorship (or SMS).

Izea, which bills itself as a "first mover" in SMS, is banking on corporations looking to leverage social media where messages virally spread though trillions of personalized status updates, tweets, pictures, tags, videos, shares, and blogs.

Izea allows users to easily sign up for sponsorships, maximize their pay rate for advertisements they post, and track their performance and lifetime earnings. For example, Izea runs a Twitter program called, which allows any social media addict to make money from sponsorships within the text of their tweets. Izea's SponsoredTweets program is specifically designed to benefit both niche and mass users; Izea promises that people with only a few hundred followers can still earn respectable income from their sponsored tweets.

For bloggers, Izea has; for Facebook users, there is; and for picture/video sharing, there is ( Depending on the sponsor, pay could be a flat rate per post, regardless of how many views it gets; others pay based on traffic. Just post whatever you would normally post -- and include an ad -- and voila! Money in the bank.
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