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Apple Maps Clear Path Away From Google, and Four Other Hot Truths About the Tech Giant


MacBook Pro, Facebook, and Siri are just the start.

IMINYANVILLE ORIGINAL Finally, after months of rumors and more rumors about Apple (AAPL), announcements made at the company's Worldwide Developers Conference revealed which rumors had become truths. Many are courtesy of the 200 new features for the iOS6.

1. Apple has mapped a clear path away from Google (GOOG).

a. One major step in this rumor was proven "true" when Apple announced its own mapping solution for iOS6; Apple will compete head-on with Google Maps. Google had been running the back end of Apple's maps apps since 2007, but now Apple will have full control of the maps for its iPhones and iPads.

b. In another step towards total independence (or domination, depending on your perspective), Apple's Safari looks an awful lot like Google's Chrome. Like Chrome, it eschews a search bar in favor of a unified search-and-URL location bar. Like Chrome, Safari will synchronize tabs with other iCloud-enabled devices.

2. Apple's iOS Map app comes with 3D and other snazzy features. The iOS Map app include actual 3D photorealistic flyovers for major urban areas across the world. Other features include vector-based graphics instead of bitmap images. This will make it easier to pan across a map quickly without having to wait for different parts of a map to load. Apple has also integrated real-time traffic information, step-by-step navigation, and Yelp-powered local business information for 100 million businesses. Siri will be integrated into maps

3. Siri is now on the iPad and "smarter." Siri is essentially a voice-activated Google search without typing, according to those who have seen it. Only eight months old, Siri is full of hands-free and eyes-free capabilities such as sorting restaurants by rating, making a restaurant reservation for the user (it's integrated with Open Table), and booking tickets for a movie at a nearby theater.

4. There will also be further integration with Facebook (FB). With iOS6, users can use Facebook logins for the iPhone, which keeps the two "deeply connected." This means users can see what other apps their friends like, and can interact with Facebook and Twitter all from the same place.

5. MacBook Pro will feature a retina display. Apple's MacBook Pro is at least a year ahead of the best competing ultrabooks and high-end PC notebooks. "It will likely take rivals a year or two to catch up," according to Forrest analyst Frank Gillet on The MacBook Pro display has a 2880x1800 resolution across 15.4 inches. By comparison, the 13-inch MacBook has a 1280x800 display. "It's something you have to see to believe," said

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