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Strange Business: Valentine's Day and the Market for Leaked Nude Photos


Plus: What do Middle Eastern airlines have to do with European soccer?

Be Careful of What Photos You Send of Yourself on Valentine's Day
Source: Mix 107.9

One-third of adults will send racy images or videos of themselves on Valentine's Day to their significant other; however, many of them don't think ahead to what may happen to their risqué pictures if the relationship goes sour.

McAfee (NASDAQ:INTC) conducted its own study on relationships and privacy and found that 13% of American adults have had personal images and videos leaked online without permission. Of this 13%, one-half showed at least some skin. Reasons for the malicious postings include lying, infidelity, breaking up, and calling off a wedding.

Different businesses have capitalized on this trend, as have the lawyers hired to remove the offensive content. McAfee is using its research in its Valentine's Day marketing material to help promote its security software, using the hashtag #SexRegret and offering discounts before the romantic holiday. Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) also benefits from the turbulent relationships and launched the popular app Breakup Notifier, which notifies users when persons of interest change their relationship status.

Middle Eastern Airlines Score a Goal in Europe

Large businesses from the Middle East have found marketing success by sponsoring European soccer teams. In particular, airlines have been able to create more brand awareness through the popular sport. Emirates, for example, sponsors London-based Arsenal, AC Milan, and Paris Saint-Germain. The reach has been large for the airlines as Arsenal jerseys with the Emirates logo have been Nike's (NYSE:NKE) third most popular, selling on average 800,000 jerseys per season over the past five seasons.

Since September of 2011, Emirates has added 15 new destinations and reached a record income of $17 billion in March of last year.

Play-Doh Goes Gluten-Free

More and more parents want to ensure their gluten-sensitive children don't encounter wheat in even play products. In particular, gluten-free modeling clay has become popular. Hasbro's (NYSE:HAS) Play-Doh uses wheat as its main component, and parents have found alternatives with products such as Soy-Yer Dough and Gluten Free Wonder Dough. Whole Foods (NASDAQ:WFM) sells the popular Max's Mud, which has been certified by the Gluten Intolerance Group.

Other children's items going gluten-free include finger paints and stickers.

The Number of the Beast

One Tennessee man takes the Book of Revelation very seriously. When 52-year-old Walter Slonopas received his W-2 from his employer Contech Casting, he resigned from his position as a maintenance worker because the tax form displayed the stamped number 666. As a devout born-again Christian, Slonopas views 666 as symbolizing the devil, or "the number of the beast," and he said, "If you accept that number, you sell your soul to the devil."

What Did Her Resumé Say?

It appears the German Labor Office needs to do a better job learning about job candidates. A 19-year-old-woman received a job placement letter from the department stating she would be working as a waitress at the Augsburg Colosseum brothel. The letter infuriated the woman and her family living in Augsburg, and they complained to the department. Prostitution is legal in Germany, but the agency admitted it should have first inquired if the woman wished to work at the brothel rather than just sending the letter. You think?

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