Commodity Stock Earnings Scorecard: Hits, Misses, and Pleasant Surprises

By Commodity HQ  FEB 20, 2014 12:55 PM

After Alcoa began the season with a disappointing report, most companies ended up posting better-than-expected earnings.


2013's fourth-quarter earnings season saw companies across all sectors reporting both hits and misses. Alcoa (NYSE:AA) set the tone for the commodity space, reporting a fourth-quarter net loss of $2.3 billion and missed analysts' EPS estimates. While other commodity stocks also managed to post better-than-expected results, some showed signs of weakness from 2013's commodity slump. Overall, most companies managed to post better-than-expected earnings during the fourth quarter as compared to the third.

With the majority of companies already done reporting their quarterly results, we take a close look at how well (or how poorly) the commodity-producer industry did:

Beating Analyst Expectations
Mixed Results
Missing The Mark
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Editor's note: This article by Daniela Pylypczak was originally published on Commodity HQ.
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