The Last of the Commodity Earnings: Duke Energy, TransCanada, Devon Energy, and Newmont Mining

By Commodity HQ  FEB 18, 2014 12:06 PM

Though most blue-chip firms have already reported, these four key stragglers will present earnings this week.


Earnings season is just about over, and the Street will soon have to turn its eyes to macro data to decide where markets go from here. Thus far, this batch of earnings has been a mixed bag; though a number of key companies beat estimates, lowered guidance took precedent. It seems that this time around, investors are very focused on how companies are guiding, especially given the Fed's current taper process.

Though most of the blue-chip firms have already released their earnings results, a few key stragglers are on deck for this week, as the commodity world still has a few companies it has yet to hear from:
The Bottom Line

As we have warned investors in past weeks, it appears that this earnings season is especially focused on a firm's guidance, as many investors are uneasy about the near future. The numbers will certainly be key to watch, but keep your eyes on the guidance each firm gives, as that will likely dictate how its share price reacts.

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