Q2 Earnings Scorecard: Commodity Stock Hits and Misses

By Commodity HQ  AUG 02, 2013 12:50 PM

How 13 major commodity players have fared during this earnings season.


2013′s second quarter earnings season was perhaps not what many analysts had expected, as companies across all sectors reported both hits and misses. In the commodity space, Alcoa (NYSE:AA) had set the tone for the start of the season, beating estimates despite falling aluminum prices. And while other commodity stocks also managed to post better-than-expected results, some showed signs of weakness from this year’s commodity slump.

And with the majority of companies already done reporting their second quarter results, we take a close look at how well (or how poorly) the commodity producer industry did:

Beating Analyst Expectations
Mixed Results
Missing The Mark
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Editor's note: This article by Danielz Pylypczak was originally published on Commodity HQ.
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