Major Commodity Earnings This Week: Big Oil on Tap

By Commodity HQ  JUL 29, 2013 1:30 PM

Earnings season is drawing to a close, and some of the biggest oil players are reporting.


As earnings season draws to a close, the commodity world will see, arguably, its most publicized week. The next five days will feature earnings from some of the biggest oil firms in the world, with a few other companies sprinkled in. Investors will be especially keen to see how the recent spike in oil prices has impacted these major producers. Below, we outline some of the most prominent commodity firms slated to report earnings this week.
The Bottom Line

As we have stated before, earnings reports are crucial on two different levels: the numbers and the guidance. A great report can be overshadowed by weak guidance, which appears to be a major fear concerning the world’s largest oil firms. At the same time, an earnings miss with a strong outlook could still result in a stock trading higher. Be sure to pay close attention to both facets of each report in order to properly trade and react to the news.

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