Major Commodity Earnings This Week

By Commodity HQ  JUL 22, 2013 2:05 PM

After a mixed bag of earnings so far for Q2, several commodity firms are reporting this week.


As we enter the trenches of earnings season, investors and analysts alike are taking cues from today’s leading companies on where the economy is headed. Thus far, it seems that the results have been a mixed bag, with a number of firms smashing their marks while others fell short. The attention for this week will remain fixated on individual reports to help give a deeper insight into how sustainable to current bull run truly is. Below, we outline some of the most prominent commodity firms slated to report earnings this week.
It’s Not Always the Numbers

As always, earnings reports are two pronged events: One prong focuses solely on the numbers reported and if they met expectations, while the other focuses on the guidance given. If the numbers fail to meet the marks but a positive outlook is given, the stock can still jump higher on the day and vice versa. Be sure to pay close attention to both attributes to get a bigger picture view of the company and where they stand.

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