Major Commodity Earnings This Week: Energy on Tap

By Commodity HQ  JUL 15, 2013 12:10 PM

What to expect from four key commodity players reporting earnings this week.


With Alcoa (NYSE:AA) kicking off earnings season early last week, the focus for many investors has shifted away from larger macroeconomic reports and honed in on the reports of industry bellwethers. While Alcoa set the tone by beating estimates, many feared that the company would eventually fall prey to weakening aluminum prices, getting the second-quarter earnings season off to a foggy start. This week, though mostly filled with major financial institutions, will feature several reports from key players throughout the commodity world, with a focus on energy.

Below, we outline some of the biggest commodity producers and what you should be looking for in their reports.
A Final Note

While numbers are certainly key when it comes to earnings reports, sometimes the guidance given can overshadow a miss or a beat. Pay close attention to what the companies forecast for the future and the nature of those predictions. A poor outlook can quickly erase a solid quarter and send the stock spiraling downward and vice versa.

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