Random Thoughts: Can Politicians Act Without a Crisis?

By Todd Harrison  DEC 14, 2012 10:53 AM

Levels, stocks, the fiscal cliff, and my weekend risk profile.



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I made an executive decision this morning. Following the health scare earlier this week, I've left the burbs each morning before my daughter awoke and arrived home after she was asleep. Indeed, the only time I've seen her was to tend to her during the night as she chews through the croup.

That's not acceptable, and following another late night at the office -- 9:00 p.m., anyway -- I opted to skip the early train this morning and have breakfast with my angel before her doctor appointment. As we work to live rather than live to work, I will argue that this is the best trade I've made in a long time!

Some Random Thoughts, some of which we've touched on but all of which matter:
  1. My attention was focused on the important stuff earlier this week.
  2. I've booked the lion's share of my pad after a decent year of fighting the good fight.
  3. I own "situations" and I'm short the tape (smallish) against them via S&P February out-of-the-money puts.
  4. If you press for performance, as many people are, odds are you'll face Death by Shmoopie (read: nick yourself with 1,000 paper cuts as you get bullish higher and bearish lower).
  5. I've had more meetings than eHarmony this week as we tie up another thriller in the 'Viller. It's all good, but I know that if I'm not 100% laser-focused, I'm at a natural disadvantage to my counter-party!
Good luck Minyans; we're only five hours away from our requisite respite. Let's make 'em count!


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