Key Bullet Points for the End of the Year

Schaeffer's Investment Research
  NOV 06, 2012 10:30 AM

Keep these in the back of your mind.


The next two months of 2012 should be very interesting. Traders and investors are likely to have many questions due to the uncertainty that seems to be prevailing in this ebbing 2012. Regardless of your outlook, here are several general points that I would like to outline. I suggest that you keep these in the back of your mind.

If you are familiar with our work here at Schaeffer’s, then you know that we like to see negative sentiment in the face of positive price action. Our outlook remains bullish as we enter into the first full week of trading for November. Exercising patience in months such as October showed “cautious thinking” and for those who displayed such caution, they rightfully benefited from avoiding a volatile October. We look forward to wrapping up this bull market in 2012, and are ready for the next “leg-up” in these final two months. The eight weeks remaining in the year should prove to be exciting.

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