Random Thoughts: How Much Quantitative Easing Is Priced Into the Market?

By Todd Harrison  SEP 04, 2012 10:35 AM

Taking stock of our multilinear world.



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I return from my stay-at-home honeymoon with a ring on my finger and vibes on my mind.

While we "work to live," rather than "live to work," I'll admit that I’m excited to be back at my turret with the rest of the Minyanville community. I will disclaim that I spent precious little time "keeping up" with the markets last week as every ounce of energy was focused on my beautiful wife, 8.5 year-old twins, and a very busy 15-month-old, Ruby Jett.

Insofar as there will be various housekeeping items today—coupled with the fact that I like to allow a few days to establish rhythm following time away from the tape—I'm gonna shoot from the hip with some random thoughts as we kick off our four-session set.

In no particular order:

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