Random Tweets: Results From Todd Harrison's No-Holds-Barred Twitterthon

By Todd Harrison  JUL 26, 2012 10:15 AM

Honest answers to every question asked on the market, Cramer, and more. Ask your own questions at the next one scheduled for Wednesday, August 1 at 4:00 p.m. EDT.



Editor's note: Minyanville Media's founder and CEO Todd Harrison recently opened up to the Twittersphere, and here are the results. He had so much fun, he'll be doing it again on Wednesday, August 1 at 4:00 p.m. EDT.

@todd_harrison I have 30 min to kill on the road. Ask me any question and on my word I will answer honestly without editing

@cirrusdriver How far can you throw a computer?

@todd_harrison farthest I've ever thrown a computer is straight down on the desk (3 times until it shattered)

@justtradin when does Spain default ?

@todd_harrison As soon as Merkel lets it.

@GYSC16  well, I have 2. After years of reading you, I wonder how hard has it been to stay both big picture and tactical minded?

@todd_harrison  extremely hard -- but it's been harder to hold my tongue and be PC.

@GYSC16 second, how did you let @kevindepew leave!!!!! (kidding, kind of)
@todd_harrison @kevindepew wasn't entirely my choice but I love and support him. You can't cage free will.

@muckdog summer trading range or new bull market or neither?

@todd_harrison stocks will break to the downside. Potentially violent.

@jonledoyen How do you like the Dawgs this year?

@todd_harrison I like cats better

@EYA10 how do you make the 2012 Pres election, and which result will be short/med/long term "better" for the equity markets?

@todd_harrison  Obama will win -- he has something on Romney (tax or otherwise) Won't matter. Enormity of economic condition bigger than any 1 party

@RodHartman76 what is your best guess where $spy ends at the lowest point of next down cycle, thanks
@todd_harrison trick question! With or without a free market? In free market, spx 666 possible

@mmbusch66  where is the vix headed from here?

@todd_harrison higher

@minyanjr  Record of the Raiders next season.

@todd_harrison lucky to be .500. I'll take it.

@willbarlow Do you foresee a steep sell-off this year similar to last year's?

@todd_harrison  yep

@fuzzyinvesticle Perfect....long or short the Bernanke's mojo?

@todd_harrison he has mojo?
@we6smiths obama or romney?

@todd_harrison Barack wins running away -- only because Bush can't steal this one. 

@Soup_Bowl  how soon till the S&P turns down, and how far down does it go?

@todd_harrison depends on political will surrounding QE3 but social mood bigger than policy imho

@lhhalstead Warm and fuzzy or scared to death?

@todd_harrison  both; why choose?

@jonledoyen Football!!!

@todd_harrison  raiders

@pensionpartners How do you maintain your rugged good looks?

@todd_harrison good woman

@cirrusdriver  funniest trading room story. Saw a trader fire his phone at someone. The cord snatched it right back and hit him. 

@ckelly3 where do you see the price of oil headed? And therefore price of gas?

@todd_harrison deflation ...ultimately

@joshysam  what is close of sp500 at end of year if obama wins

@todd_harrison  1200-1250

@jdodport Since becoming a family man with trappings, have you become a more conservative investor/trader?

@todd_harrison  yes -- but some of that environment. Still -- best year in years up 55% In trading account so not complaining and no mush 

@SoCalAnalyst what was Cramer thinking calling Dykstra "one of the greats"?

@todd_harrison he said the same of me once

@SoCalAnalyst but you're not in jail though so you got that going for you!

@todd_harrison this is true -- thankfully didn't get promoted at Galleon.

@Brian_Rust what keeps you sane when traveling?

@todd_harrison thinking of my family...and Twitter

@conorsen If you had to start a new business right now, what would it be?

@todd_harrison  anything that bets on millennials

@twistedmarkets  what is the one thing you most want to change about your past/life?

@todd_harrison family dynamics. I wish I knew then what I know now. And...less M&Ms.
@jjfische  If you had to buy one stock for a 10 year time horizon what would it be?

@todd_harrison twitter

@bhaese Do you still talk to Jim Cramer?

@todd_harrison  yes but he doesn't talk back

@muckdog  I can see that. And it will seem obvious in hindsight. One more... Jeremy Lin in Houston, bullish or bearish?

@todd_harrison  bearish for Knicks

@TraderMichigan  SPX 1450 or 1250 first?

@todd_harrison 1250

@mwolfeCPA  Is your trading account +10% or more this year?

@todd_harrison +55%

@minyanjr Outcome of the NHLPA negotiations with the NHL. Work stoppage?

@todd_harrison  wouldn't shock me. Societal acrimony

@pensionpartners  What brand of hair gel do you use?

@todd_harrison I don't (anymore)

@ConvWisdumb  What would your brain tweet about while you are asleep?

@todd_harrison  sex and chocolate. Wait -- is this a trick question?
@HHSidhu  are you a trader or investor deep down? 

@todd_harrison  trader.

@mmbusch66  You think Obama is a good prez?

@todd_harrison  I think he's playing the hand he's been dealt

@carlosrescobar  do you think there will be war with Iran before the election?  

@todd_harrison  yes -- but the recent attack may have been rogue

@danJugs  when do we see Europe collapse??

@todd_harrison  I see it modified -- they need to hold together vs NA community, Asian community and Mid East (or that's their plan)

@andmah  where do u think this market is heading? Thanks

@todd_harrison hopefully back to a free market but I'm not holding my breath. Status quo, spx 1200-1250

@Soup_Bowl thanks! Just a hunch, but I wonder if QE3 will produce much weaker results than 1 & 2, if QE3 comes.

@todd_harrison shelf life shorter and shorter and everyone sees it. Last bullet will be pointed inward

@tradermichigan thanks, how can I stop thinking long term and acting short term?

@todd_harrison  take care of the minutes and the hours will take care of themselves

@HHSidhu Last one, water pistol to head higher, lower, or sideways one week from now.

@todd_harrison I'm short near 1400 for trade but the beauty is I don't have to bet till I see the pitch

@minyanjr what's the best way to participate in the market when I only have $300 a month to invest?

@todd_harrison save it in cash. In ten years u will have $36000 (I think)

@Brian_Rust how does 350%+ global total credit market debt affect you and me in the next 5-10 years?

@todd_harrison standard of living will decline (don't shoot the messenger)

@JoshBoyd37 Favorite restaurant in NYC?

@todd_harrison Raoul's

@todd_harrison And that's 30 min--that was fun! Gotta do this again. Happy Thurs night!!

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