YPO: Getting Social in Palo Alto

By Todd Harrison  MAR 26, 2012 9:50 AM

The next wave of growth is upon us.


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I spent last week in Palo Alto for the YPO Digital Marketing & Media Network Event, Business Is Social.  In typical YPO fashion, the experience was top-notch.  
While the agenda itself was outstanding—we met with higher-ups at Google (GOOG), Linked-in (LNKD), Facebook, and Twitter, vibed with the top brass from US Starcom and Engauge, and enjoyed a superb conversation with Roger McNamee of Elevation Partners—the 75 attending CEOs from around the world ensured that the most valuable aspect of the gathering was networking with the attending human capital.
While confidentiality is paramount to the YPO experience—and indeed, NDAs were executed along the way—I was granted permission to share elements of my journey—my takeaways, so to speak—so long as I don't violate expressed parameters of trust. 
As such, and in an effort to effect positive change through digital understanding, here are some factoids, tidbits, and nuggets of wisdom that I absorbed in Silicon Valley, in no particular order:

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