The Cat's Meow: Positioning Into Quarter-End

By Todd Harrison  JUN 30, 2011 10:15 AM

A little perspective goes a long way.


We often talk about how the reaction to news is more important than the news itself. While we're referring to the stock market, it also applies to life.

We received tragic news on the feline front Sunday when we learned that Blue, our 8-month Abyssinian, became entangled in window blinds and was pronounced dead shortly thereafter. He was just finding his stride as a cat, and it was a punch to the gut as far as those things go. With Phoebe on her 16th year and Crash in his second, the little one was as much for Crash as it was for the rest of our family.

Interestingly, and perhaps not surprisingly, the news shook me up; while my defense mechanism immediately sought to post-rationalize what happened -- he was just a cat, I've got a healthy newborn daughter, superb seven-year old twins, and a great gal -- a loss is a loss and it leaves a hole. The ability to feel is a gift, I know, and this was the other side of that trade.

Last night, before I stepped out for a business dinner, I took the twins to the kennel, where a particularly precocious kitten captured our fancy. I wasn't planning on making a trade -- I didn't want to disrespect Blue's memory -- but the kids were smitten and so was I. "Petty," named after one of our favorite musicians, joined the clan and immediately made himself right at home.

The reaction to news indeed; what was a hole is now a gateway, and the grieving has morphed into a celebration. I'm sure Blue would have wanted it that way, and it was a lesson I was happy to share with the kids. One door closes, another door opens, and so it goes...

Oh Yeah, the Tape!

If you haven't thrown up in your own mouth from all this human interest drivel, I'll subtly shift to the reason you're likely reading this content, our take on the tape. We're human and sometimes that shines though, which is alright as long as we take care of business. So, in an attempt to justify your time, I'll dive right in, in no particular order:


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