Random Thoughts: Midday Market Update

By Todd Harrison  MAY 10, 2010 12:30 PM

The revenge of the bulls.


What a difference a weekend makes, eh? When I last posted to our real-time Buzz & Banter, I was surrounded by stacked boxes in our old haunt. This morning, 70 S&P handles and 600 DJIA points higher than Friday’s lows, we’re settled into the fifth edition of MVHQ as the bulls settle into a groove.

I won’t say it was a relaxing weekend but it was most certainly time well spent. With the exception of an excellent Mother's Day brunch, I've been in-house and on call since Friday's close. Interested Minyans can sniff out our digs on the MV Facebook page, where we're making a concerted effort to facilitate a more interactive community experience.

Some quick snaps to the entire team -- Super Sarah in particular -- for executing this Herculean task, during Mercury Retrograde no less! It's important to enjoy the moments, for that is the first step towards understanding "the purpose of the journey is the journey itself." For just like that, the moment's gone and now, my friends, the real work begins.

I was up the better part of the night -- a combination of scribing vibe and not being able to sleep; take that for what it's worth -- and pulled together some thoughts on last week's market crash and Shock & Awe: Part Deux. If you missed it -- I know, we’re all busy -- take a peek at Will the EU Emergency Fund Work? It’s worthy of a read as we embark on this five-session set.

Some Random Thoughts:


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