The Anatomy of a Profitable Process

By Todd Harrison  JAN 22, 2009 10:00 AM

Affecting positive change through financial understanding.


Minyanville is an infotainment community that aims to affect positive change through financial understanding. We do that in many ways with an eye towards enjoying the journey despite these trying times. Now, more than ever, our charge is mission critical as the chasm between what people know and what they need to know must be bridged.

While we create branded content from the ABC’s to the 401(k)’s, the nuts and guts trading stuff has always been our wheelhouse. As we don’t “do” advice in the ‘Ville—that would be impossible without knowing particular time horizons and risk profiles—we share what we’re doing, how we’re doing it and, most importantly, how and why we do it.

With hopes that sharing our process adds value to yours, the following stream of consciousness is the anatomy of my recent trading try:

King Jumps Queen. Rook Jumps Queen...
1/21/2009 3:28 PM

It's nuttier than Austin Powers' coffee out there! A bank crash Tuesday, a reverse bank crash Wednesday, a sale at Penny's... I mean, Jeezums, are we having fun yet? Some thoughts, as quickly as I can scribe 'em:

Other, Tertiary Random Thoughts…

And Finally, the I shared the following vibes on The Exchange recently and thought ye faithful might enjoy it. It was in response to a healthy and respectful debate regarding our current societal juncture:

I've long believed the friction between opinion is where true education lies. I thank each of you for adding to that equation.

I have to believe that there's a better way to do business; a place where a handshake means something and integrity counts. Perhaps it's the old school Ruby in me but there's innocence in purity.

That point of recognition has passed—we saw martial law in the markets in 2008—but the specter of change is a powerful thing. The easiest thing to do is to point fingers—trust me, as old school Minyans know, we were loud when it was of no benefit of us to be so, but we were steady in our message. The writing may indeed be on the wall but the paint isn’t dry... yet.

The only way to affect positive change is to do so individually. If society is indeed a sum of the parts, change must begin within. For many, it is underserved. For others, warranted. Be that as it may, it is what it is and we'll do what we must as we have no other choice.

My greatest concern moving forward isn't financial, directly, but rather societal and geopolitical. People are angry and rightfully so. If you were a foreign holder of dollar-denominated assets (down 30% from 2002, still), you'd be pissed too. This storm has been percolating since the word 'recession' became anathema.

Cumulative. Remember that word.

As I've tried to espouse—channeling the Minyanville professors who are far smarter than I—"Financial Staying Power" will emerge as the catch phrase of 2009. Not in so far as the market itself, but with regard to dynamic and lucidity. The fat is dripping from the bone as we speak and it’s splattering all over the place.

Apologies for the ramble but yes, there is a point. By being here—as part of our community—you've demonstrated an awareness and empowerment that most folks still can't see. They will, and it's not too late to start.

Yes, I'll plug here—Minyanland is a free site for kids to teach them how to earn, spend, save and give—as education is the key to our future.

Thank you for sharing the critter adventure and know that Hoofy and Boo are right by your side.


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