Random Thoughts: Is the Obama Bounce Coming?

By Todd Harrison  JAN 20, 2009 12:15 PM

The tape watches Washington with bated breath.


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Now, if only Mr. Lewis would stop hanging out with Vivian Ward! - 9:46 am

Back in November, I bought the "Citigroup (C) $3.75 Infinity Call" for $3.75 and subsequently sold it for close to a double. A few Minyans have inquired whether similar opportunities exist in Bank America (BAC) or others. 

My response, shared now, is that it's certainly possible to catch a trade in these names but the capital structure, coupled with the specter of nationalization, makes equity a vulnerable investment.

Be that as it may, and due in part to my sense that we won't see an outright drubbing today as our new President takes office, the e-mail triggered my trigger finger and I bought some Bank America (under $6) for a trade. I'll slap a trailing stop on it--nice and tight, like fitty cents--and look for the next opportunity.

Win, lose or draw, defined risk is your friend.

Gate Sniffage! - 10:15 am

Star Power - 11:16 am


Position in BAC, SSO, USO